Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Turns Dallas Red

What better way to spend a Saturday night than with a few friends at a great concert? How about spending it with 55,000 of them. That’s the number of people that filled Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on May 25, 2013 for Taylor Swift’s Red Tour.

Playing to that size of a crowd had to be an experience for opening act Ed Sheeran, who had the stage all to himself and his guitar. The crowd welcomed him with open arms and sang along to all the songs, waving their Taylor Swift signs and a few even altering their flashing RED signs to read only ED.

If the eight Billboard awards Swift won last week weren’t evidence enough of her fan following, then the screams that went up as the stadium was bathed in red light certainly was. Swift started out the evening with “State of Grace” and “Holy Ground”. A bit of conversation with the crowd where she admitted to writing a lot of breakup songs and how emotions were represented by different colors to her lead into the title song of her latest album, “Red”.

But the night wasn’t only about the new album. With plenty of older hits like “You Belong with Me”, “Mean” and “Love Story” peppered throughout the setlist there was a nice mix for those few who might not be as familiar with the newer songs. Ed Sheeran joined Swift on the smaller round stage at the back of the stadium for “Everything Has Changed”, much to the delight of the crowd, and endeared himself even more by wearing a Texas Rangers shirt.

While there wasn’t as many massive set or costume changes as we’ve seen in the past there were still some fun moments. Drummers flying through the air during “Holy Ground” and Swift balancing on a raised catwalk during “All Too Well” and then having it swing out over the crowd for the ending of “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” topped the more theatrical sections combined with pyro and a large amount of confetti to signal the end of the show.

As always Swift gave her audience exactly what they wanted and everyone was smiles and cheers as they left the venue. You can purchase “Red” on iTunes or in stores.

Photo courtesy of TaylorSwift.com