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Vans Warped Tour braves the Texas heat

It takes a dedicated fan to stand in the sun all day in 106-degree weather for a music festival. On Friday, August 2, approximately 18,000 of these hardcore fans converged on Gexa Energy Pavilion in Fair Park for the 2013 Vans Warped Tour. They braved the heat with good reason: with over 100 bands on nine stages, this is one of the biggest live music events to hit Dallas every year.

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Mayhem Fest 2013

Mayhem Fest wraps things up in the Texas heat

The first thing you notice about Mayhem Fest is the heat. August in Dallas, Texas is hard on any band playing an outside gig – and hard on the fans – but put three stages full of bands out at Gexa Energy Pavilion and start the whole thing at 1pm and you’ve got a seriously metal experience.

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Riot Fest Dallas

Riot Fest surges southward into Dallas

Riot Fest set up camp at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas on Saturday for its first date in the south. The punk, metal and alternative rock festival was founded in Chicago in 2005, and began expanding its range last year. Rather than simply touring a fixed list of bands, though, Riot Fest combined a selection of headlining bands from the Chicago event with local Texas bands on the side stages.

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Riot Fest Dallas Side Stages

Texas punk and metal feature prominently at Riot Fest

Dallas’s first Riot Fest, held Saturday at Gexa Energy Pavilion, featured a long lineup of national headlining acts on its main stage. In order to populate the side stages, though, the festival drew from a wide range of local Texas talent. You could be assured that if the band in the pavilion wasn’t to your liking, you could find something outside which better matched your tastes.

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Uproar Festival 2012

Uproar Festival rocks despite rain

Though the rain may have stopped some from coming out to Gexa on Sunday, the fans that did attend Uproar Festival were having a great time. You can check out full coverage and photos from the Ernie Ball Stage and the Jagermeister Stage from Bobby Hitt. Despite being soaked to the skin from an earlier downpour the fans were still full of energy when the Main Stage started up.

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Uproar Festival 2012 Side Stages

Uproar in a downpour: Festival side-stage bands bring the thunder

Truly dedicated rock and metal fans gathered at Gexa Energy Pavilion for the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival on Sunday. Not the ones who showed up for the headliners, though they were treated to a great show courtesy of ShinedownGodsmack, Staind, and Adelitas Way. No, the hardcore fans showed up hours earlier, standing in rain ranging from a light drizzle to a moderate deluge to support the bands playing the Jagermeister and Ernie Ball stages. Despite the less-than-ideal weather, it’s doubtful that a single one of those fans regretted their decision.

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Iron Maiden, Coheed and Cambria

Maiden England tour hits Dallas

Impending storms didn’t stop fans from flocking to Gexa Energy Pavilion Friday night for the second to last show of the Maiden England North American Tour. If anything the lightening show just enhanced the night. With only two bands playing, COHEED AND CAMBRIA and IRON MAIDEN, things got off to a rockin’ start and didn’t stop.

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