Scorpions, Ratt

Scorpions’ sting is oh so good

Last night saw two classic rock groups returned to DFW. Ratt and Scorpions packed the Verizon Theater in Grand Prairie and reminded fans both young and old what real Rock N Roll is all about.


Ratt kicked things off and got the crowd going with nice mix of songs, wrapping things up with the hit “Round and Round”. As the crowd hurried to get drinks during the 30 minutes set change many were commenting about how Ratt still had it and that was ‘real rock’. But it was clear as people returned to their seats – and yet more of the expected 3500 fans showed up – who everyone was really there to see.

With no photopit the crowd was right up against the stage – making a bit difficult for us photographers – and a roar went up as the drum platform began to rise into the air. The band got things going with the title song off the new album, “Sting in the Tail” and moved into a setlist that had a great mix of old and new. With songs like “The Zoo”, “Raised on Rock”, and “Wind of Change” there was something for everyone and more than once the crowd was encouraged to sing along. There is no doubt that Scorpions have still got it and with a two hour set and the mega hit “Rock You Like a Hurricane” blowing the roof off, the group really gave it their all on what is supposed to be their final tour. But if the smiles and obvious good time the band had are any clue, I won’t be surprised if we see them back again.

All you up and coming young bands take notes. This is what rock is all about.