Truth About Love Tour rocks Dallas

Friday night, February 22, 2013, was one hell of a way to kick off the weekend in Dallas, Tx. American Airlines Center was sold out and packed to the rafters as fans flocked in to see the first proper tour of the sensational P!nk. And they were not to be disappointed.

First off, however, fans were treated to an opening band from Sweden – The Hives. Compared to P!nk they may have had a minimal stage set up but they just proved once again to me that bands from Scandinavia seriously know how to rock n’ roll. Vocalist, Pelle, really got the crowd involved by climbing into the seats beside the stage, dragging his microphone cord along with him – helped along by two roadies dressed as ninjas (something all bands should have).

Compared to The Hives black and white décor and top hats and tails, P!nk’s stage was awash in color as the Truth About Love game began with a bang. If anyone was curious whether she’d do some of the aerial stunts she’s become known for that question was quickly answered. Kicking things off with “Raise Your Glass”, P!nk shot up from the stage on bungee cords to three male dancers hanging from a heart shaped rig. Though there were a few microphone issues to begin with the problem didn’t seem to affect P!nk or her fans and it was soon fixed and the show went on. After seeing this show and how active P!nk was between dancing and acrobatics I never want to hear a singer complain about how hard it is to dance and sing at the same time. Take a lesson folks – this girl knows how to do it!

The set list contained a nice mix of songs from the new album, “Truth About Love”, as well as older favorites like F’ing Perfect, Who Knew, and Leave Me Alone. For those audience members that left before the encore – you missed two of the best songs of the night. ‘So What’ saw the singer hooked up to a rig that let her flip around in the air and then hauled her out over the entire audience as she sang. From the stage, all the way across the floor and to all sides of the arena she got up close and personal to all the fans. Flipping upside down and being lifted high up in the middle of the arena and then dropping to about five feet above the crowd it was on hell of a song. The final song of the evening calmed things back down with ‘Glitter in the Air’ and some beautiful silk work from P!nk and three of her dancers. And just like when she did this particular act at the award shows she vanished into the stage to reappear, drenched in water and getting the crowd a little wet as she was flown over them.

An exceptional performer – both in theatrics and vocally – P!nk is not someone you want to miss. Having seen a lot of concerts over the years I have to say this show has moved up into my top three of all time. And all performers need to take a lesson from P!nk. Then end of the concerted showed a cute video of her and her daughter backstage but also a roll of credits for everyone involved in the show – performers and crew alike. The crew does so much work and get so little credit. Bravo for giving them a hand, P!nk. You are indeed a classy lady. Keep rockin’ and giving girls a strong role model. I raise my glass to you.

Image Courtesy of PinksPage.com